5 Tips to make Pro Videos on Phone

December 10, 2019

5 Tips to make Pro Videos on Phone

If you are reading this blog, there are 99% chances you already know ‘why?’ you need to make PRO VIDEOS! The stats of 2019 are all over the internet: 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. (Hubspot) YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. (Alexa)59% […]

November 6, 2019

Why Building a Community is Critical for your Brand?

Today, marketing has to be conversational if it has to be effective. You can’t just spit branded content to over people and expect them to respond to it with open arms. With ad blockers and “Not interested in this Post,” consumers now know how to avoid and dodge unwanted brand interruption, making all your traditional […]

October 11, 2019

Marketing: Then V/S Now!

10 years ago, people would spend 5 minutes listening to their modem beep just to access Facebook on their old school desktop. Now, with a single click, the same people have access to any information they need in just 0.95 seconds. They click the back button on your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to […]

September 11, 2019

3 Proven Growth Hacks To Get You Started!

Fast track Business Growth is every Entrepreneur’s Dream. However, it’s really tough to come up with ideas that propel our growth and present us with new business opportunities. Add to it, a shoestring budget, limited time and our palms get sweaty. Are you also stuck for ideas on how to grow fast? Growth hacking is […]