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Aayush Arora

Topic: Dude Where’s My ROI? – Aayush Arora Date: March 13, 2021

Aayush Arora – Performance Marketing Head at Testbook.com. He is specialized in SMB Marketing and Digital Transformation, he has over 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Client Servicing, and Strategy.

He was Sr. Manager- Business Strategy at Merkle Sokrati- India’s leading digital ad technology, paid search, and big data analytics firm, with proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, and automation at its backbone. He is the founder of Social Cutlet, which is an Online Marketing and Advertising firm.

Catch up with us as we discover how Aayush helps testbook.com with their mission. We will also uncover what was Aayush’s journey till date and what he enjoys about the MarTech space.

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