Speaker Information

Shailesh Kochare & Jeet Ajani

Creative Director & Co-Founder at Synclarity

Topic: The Factory of Content : Live Demo - 100 Creatives in 90 minutes Date: March 7, 2020

Jeet Ajani – Jaljeet is a results-driven Digital Marketer from Mumbai, India. He loves Creating Content in all its forms be it text-based, images or videos. At the moment, he is working with a friend towards building Synclarity – an Inbound Digital Marketing Agency that’s focused on helping businesses to grow and achieve measurable results.

Shailesh Kochare – is a Fine-Artist who has worked across his career in Creative Departments for Print, Digital, TV and Films. He’s currently leading a team of designers at Synclarity where he orchestrates the visual communication for B2B or B2C businesses alike. He is quick to adapt, fast to learn and always over-delivering beyond the clients imagination makes him the go-to guy for all things Visual

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