Ep 001: Aaryendr Rajpurohit on Transition from Offline to Online, B2B vs B2C, & more | Dude Where’s My ROI!

February 24, 2021

Aaryendr Rajpurohit, currently the General Manager – Training & Enablement at Netcore Solutions. He hails as a reputed International trainer for Sales, Product and Digital Marketing, with an experience of training more than 6000+ individuals, Professionals, 100+ companies, plus 150+ colleges across 20+ countries. He is also the author of “Bullock Cart to ECart!”
Aaryendr shares his experience of how he built his foundation of digital marketing during his first stint and helped create the online presence for Jaico Publishing House. He helped them with the transition of their business from offline to online – which at the time resulted in 40% online sales. This is way back in 2014-2015 when digital marketing was at a very nascent stage.  
With CleverTap he explored opportunities in the B2B space and expanded his knowledge on to Marketing of a SAAS Product, Sales as well as Learning & Development. 
In this podcast, we learn about Aaryendr’s journey, explore the differences of B2B vs B2C marketing and much more!

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Aaryendr Rajpurohit on “The Transition from Offline to Online, B2B vs B2C, and more | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Show Notes
In this podcast, let’s understand the transition of brands from offline to online marketing! Find out the secrets this Marketing expert used to help brands grow with his amazing skills and hard-hitting campaigns.

Video timestamp – Notable Quotes & Examples
00:00​- The World is going digital, so the digital precedence on different platforms can be the Essence for brands to achieve higher followers and reach.
05:08​- Marketing and Technology go hand in hand! Thus, it’s essential to spread the word to your audience about how your brand adds value to them.
07:25​- How B2B firms or institutes can gain the trust of their audience? “Remarketing – It is the best way to optimize your ROI!”
08:38​- The strategic and quirky retargeting campaign executed by Vaibhav Sisinty for his LinkedIn Marketing course.
09:55​- The marketing campaign done by Heinz Ketchup tells viewers to skip the ad is a great example of Marketing with Reverse Psychology! By telling its viewers to hit the skip button, the brand created intrigue and got the viewers to watch what the pre-roll had to offer and the results did not disappoint.
14:35​- Long-term Relationships with the clients helps Brands and Marketers to survive in the district times like COVID-19.

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