Ep 011: Abhishek GP on “Demand Generation, Brand Marketing and Inbound Marketing” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

May 24, 2021

Today we catch up with an award-winning, sales and marketing professional with experience in demand generation, brand, and sales – Abhishek GP.

Abhishek GP is the Global Demand Generation Head at Freshworks. His experience straddles across Startups to Fortune 100 organizations with a concentration in areas including Digital Acquisition & Growth Strategy, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Consumer Research, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Sales Enablement, Account Management, and Channel Sales.

Before Freshworks, Abhishek has worked as a Digital Marketing Head at American Express where he worked on Direct Response Marketing, Mobile App Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing, and launched the Amex India Mobile app which ranked No.1 on the App Store.

In this podcast, Abhishek takes us through his marketing journey and gives us insights into how to excel at the art of marketing to humans.

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Ep 011: Abhishek GP on “Demand Generation, Brand Marketing and Inbound Marketing” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Video Timestamps – Notable Quotes & Examples

0:10 – About Abhishek
0:50 – The journey from an Intern to a Brand manager
3:17 – How Digital marketer’s life is today and how Martech helped in changing it 
5:36 – Freshworks position in the evolved digital marketing space
7:34 – How do you differentiate between Demand Generation and Lead Generation
9:30 – Abhishek’s day at Freshworks
11:55 – How did you manage your work during lockdown
13:30 – How have you seen Martech evolve it till today
20:03 – Who are your favorite marketers?
21:37 – What are your favorite Martech tools?
23:26 – Can you share one Eureka Moment of your life 
26:05 – Few stories on content marketing that blew your mind
28:28 – Top books that you recommend
29:07 – In one word, what is marketing for you?
30:23 – How do you see the Future of Martech?
31:57 – Any ideas on marketing strategies at Freshworks
33:06 – Tell us more about international and domestic marketing strategies
34:23 – What do you do in your free time?
36:47 – How will Martech help to evolve traditional businesses?


Show Notes

Do you want to learn about demand generation and brand marketing? In this episode, learn some secrets on how to increase demand generation for their brands. Learn about the advances in MarTech! 


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