Bizarre Things People Sell Online

May 17, 2019

You can buy anything on the internet today — literally ANYTHING! While surfing online on your favorite eCommerce platform or on social media, you might have come across certain odd products that just make you go ‘WHY!?’ But behold that’s not it! Britney Spears’ used chewing gum, or an obese Arnold’s statue is just the start, there’s much more obscurity ahead!

Internet is a wild place and Wilder are the people using it. Including both who sell bizarre things and the ones who buy it. YES! People do spend their hard-earned money on the most unimaginable things, for the most random of reasons.

Wondering what these are? We picked them up for you, have a look!

1.Someone who would stand in the line for you
Standing alone in long queues — waiting, is what nightmares are made of.

What if you paid someone to do that for you?

Source — LineStanding

TaskRabbit and Linestanding offer services where a person will stand in the line for you. All you have to do is submit your details to secure your reservation while they take care of the rest.

2. Kidney Stone

Source — Julien’s Auctions

As a part of a social experiment, Star Trek actor William Shatner put up his kidney stone for sale online, for 25,000 $. A person bought it for that price!

The actor ended donating that money to the charity.

3. Uranium
Amazon sells License exempted Uranium. No, it’s not a joke!

So if you are not sure what to gift your loved one, there’s literally a gift that screams ‘I Love U!’ — for the price of $39.95 plus shipping.

Source — Amazon

4. Cat Turntable
Who doesn’t want their cat to be a DJ? Well, we would love a furry pet who can make everyone ‘Put their hands up in the air’.

Jokes apart, if you are tired of your pet scratching everything they come across. Buy them the DJ Turntable. The deck is made of serrated cardboard, perfect for distracting your feline with a scratching haven.

Source — Amazon

5. UFO Detector
If you are looking out for ways to waste your money online, this might be the best bet!

For only 87$ you can buy this advanced UFO detector which works or not, we wouldn’t know — the buyer hasn’t left a review!

Source — Amazon

6. Bacon Floss
Use this Waxed Bacon Floss to remove plaque and leave your mouth bacon fresh all day long. Warning: Your mouth might smell like bacon, but it’s not bacon.

Source — Amazon

7. Life

Ian Usher, a traveler, author and public speaker made headlines when he put up his ‘entire life’ up for auction on eBay. This included his house in Perth, his belongings, his friends, and a trial at his job. His ‘life’ was sold for $384,000, allowing him a fresh start after divorce.

Source — Medium

We told you, the world is a bizarre place! And these are not even half of the obscure things we found being sold online.

Well, if people can sell a life, a corn flake or uranium online, you sure can sell good things that make sense on your eCommerce store.

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