Ep 007: Bhavishya Garg on “UX|UI, Side Hustle, Building your Career Path, Building a Community, and more….” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

May 4, 2021

Bhavishya Garg is the Head of UX @MX Player and is one of the main guy’s working behind the scenes of MX Taka Tak. He is all about the hustle – right from the start – in his college days he was inspired and started creating clubs much like you see in International schools and universities. As a student he started his side hustle working with over 30 companies – yes you read that right. He did everything that he could get his hands on – right from coding, marketing, designing and much more. 

Professionally he started working with HDFC before making the switch to Coin DCX where he literally made the product from scratch. Once satisfied he moved on to MX Player.

Looking at the expensive UX resources available online – he went on to create the first of its kind “UX Notebook” for the designers. He’s always been the one to look at things and understand the problem and moves on to get his hands dirty and create all kinds of solutions.

Discover more interesting takes that will surely inspire you to focus on users, problem solving, doing your best and creating a community. 

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Ep 007: Bhavishya Garg on “UX|UI, Side Hustle, Building your Career Path, Building a Community, and more….” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Video timestamp – Notable Quotes & Examples
0:22​ – About Bhavishya Garg
0:40​ – The journey till now
6:57​ – Martech evolution through the years
8:50​ – Evolution of marketing
10:46​ – Bhavishya’s day at MX Player as Head of UX
14:23​ – Favourite campaign
16:33​ – The difference in working with bigger companies
19:11​ – Bhavishya’s Eureka moment of his career
24:14​ – What is marketing?
25:42​ – Marketing hacks used for marketing CoinDCX
27:25​ – The future of Martech 
29:19​ – Machine Learning
30:32​ – The lockdown effect 
32:05​ – What makes CoinDCX different from other apps?
33:30​ – Story behind going live within a week with the MX TAKA TAK campaign

Show Notes
Do you want to learn how Machine Learning is helping analyze the data and help the brand to grow?
In this episode, Bhavishya shares how to optimize Marketing in the right way to generate ROI? Learn how in the current scenario, Design, Marketing & Technology need to stand together and run the company in this competitive environment.

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