Ep 008: Arnav Neel Ghosh on “Business of Tech, The Future of AR/VR, Brand Building, and more….” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

May 4, 2021

Our Guest today is Arnav Neel Ghosh – A Futurist, Mentor, and Commercial Leader. He focuses on how emerging tech impacts communications and business. A big proponent of the shared economy; he loves to triangulate content, commerce & technology. 

Having worked in leadership roles across multiple markets with some truly innovative global projects with brands such as Orange (Vodafone), Coke, Unilever, Nike. One of the early movers in the space of AR – he founded Blippar – the world’s leading augmented (AR) reality platform for helping business be “Future Ready” through AI, AR, VR, IOT, Adtech automation, platform & products

One of the projects during this time involved ” Launching world’s first AI enabled AR visual search engine with Blippar codenamed #Hopenhagen Project – UN’s first global climate change project 2009.

If you love Pink Floyd, Mad-men days of advertising, talks around disruptive tech – this is the episode for you! 

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Ep 008: Arnav Neel Ghosh on “Business of Tech, The Future of AR/VR, Brand Building, and more….” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Video timestamp – Notable Quotes & Examples
00:20​ – About Arnav
01:30​ – The Journey
05:10​ – What’s happenings in the domain of design
07:48​ – Experience of working with Students from National Institute of Design
12:37​ – Favourite marketing campaign?
16:30​ – Trading Attention
20:10​ – All about AR vs VR debate
31:17​ – Interesting projects across XR or similar technologies
36:37​ – Marketing in one word
37:55​ – Thoughts on digital push due Covid Pandemic

Show Notes
Time to take inspiration from brands with great Marketing Campaigns and know how they earn higher ROI!
In this episode, Arnav spoke immensely about his passion – AR/VR technology, about their difference, the power of both the technologies individually, and the importance of the technology in different sectors.

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