Ep 006: Karthik Nagarajan on “Company Culture, Content Marketing, Podcasts, Marketing Technology, Amul and more!” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

April 26, 2021

Karthik Nagarajan has worn many hats throughout his career – right from Sales, Marketing, Content to being a Podcaster himself. The Filter Koffee is his expression into the world where he gets in guests from a variety of segments and walks of life. Topics range from Activism, Creativity, Business, Entrepreneurship and more…

He has scaled profitable businesses from scratch, across content, insights, research, and consulting. He has a keen eye for detail as well understands the foundation behind a successful business and thereby brings a lot of value driving the company culture forward each and every day. 

Calm and composed – apart from being a successful marketer, he is also a podcast host, an independent filmmaker, and visiting faculty across leading B-Schools. His indie-film Haze has done the rounds in international festivals. 

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Ep 006: Karthik Nagarajan on “Company Culture, Content Marketing, Podcasts, Marketing Technology, Amul and more!” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Video timestamp – Notable Quotes & Examples
0:22 – About Kartik Nagarajan
0:55 – Knowing more about the Journey
6:15 – How did the switch happen to content marketing
8:50 – Functions & Culture of Organizations
11:18 – Your opinion on Cultural shit in organisation and how one can inculcate it
15:40 – Thoughts on Martech evolution in these years
18:56 – Current CRM you have used?
21:35 – What’s your day like Chief Content officer?
24:40 – What is your one Eureka Moment in your career span till now?
28:02 – What was your film about?
29:25 – What’s the current thing you are working on or any scripts you are working on?
30:19 – How did the podcast happen?
35:00 – Who are your favourite Podcasters, Instagrammers, Youtubers?
42:45 – How do you define marketing in one word?
46:20 – Which is your forever campaign in advertising?

Show Notes
Do you want to learn how data plays a big role in marketing! Find out what elements an organization should consider in terms of the structure and culture and how it helps.

In this podcast, Karthik shares his impressive marketing journey of how he helped the largest of brands in India chart a content strategy.

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