Ep 005: Ninad Chhaya on “Gaming, Digital + Physical Experiences, Connected Packaging, AR/VR, Advertising and more” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

April 26, 2021

Ninad Chhaya is the Co-Founder & COO at GoPhygital. Known for always working on newer technologies – he co-founded WITS – a digital agency as early as 1995 – when digital agencies in India were almost unheard of. Next he ventured into the world of gaming with Indiagames – the premiere indian gaming company. Again a move ahead of the time and he went on to become one of the leaders in the game developers in India. Over the years he has donned a lot of hats and has worked across all the functions right from Creative, Business, Operations leading companies to success. His journey has come a full circle as his latest venture GoPhygital is incubated by WITS Interactive – throwback to his first venture :D. 

With GoPhygital he is pushing the boundaries of technology and creating immersive experiences across AR/VR, Gaming, Mixed Realities and more.

He has worked closely with big brands like @hindustan_unilvr , @proctergamble , @cocacola , @cadbury_dark_milk_india to create advergames and help them formulate their gamification strategies across various projects. 

In this podcast Ninad talks about how he played through the different levels of his life and how he answered the eternal question – Dude! Where’s my ROI?

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Ep 005: Ninad Chhaya on “Gaming, Digital + Physical Experiences, Connected Packaging, AR/VR, Advertising and more” | Dude Where’s My ROI!

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Video timestamps – Notable Quotes & Examples

0:45 – How gamification strategy helps brand 
1:18 – About GoPhygital
5:25 – Thinking about futuristic business models
9:08 – How do you pitch your interactive solution to the client
13:25 – Effect of lockdown on your team & yourself
16:26 – What are your view / experience on marketing technologies over the years
18:45 – What is adverdgames?
22:35 – What do you think about Gaming Industry in India overall?
23:54 – Which is your all time favourite game?
25:28 – Does gaming have becoming simple in down the line?
28:04 – Can you share one Eureka moment on your life
31:30 – Your thoughts on AR
34:00 – Your thoughts on Streaming on Youtube, Game streaming
36:25 – Your favourite campaign in AR/VR world by any brand
40:01 – In one word, What is marketing for you?
44:35 – Why this journey from websites to AR/VR

Show Notes
Do you want to know how Ninad is one of the first people to launch video games in India. In this episode, learn how advergames and gamification strategies help Brands and how he is always 2 steps ahead tinkering with the future.

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