Ways to Drive Sales on Social Media

May 17, 2019

The evolution of social media has completely changed the way marketing happens. Today, data is plenty and insights are very easy to gather, but what happens to the sales? Are they easy too?

Social media allows you to build a loyal following and share your message in a unique way. However, the content you share or the strategy you make will only result in generating sales and ultimately building a successful business, if targeted right. Here are 4 tips to help you use social media to drive more sales for your business.

Influence via Social Media Influencers
You don’t need to be working in the social media industry to know the difference between an actual post from an influencer post. Influencer marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the last few months due to their successful stints in many digital campaigns. Influencers strategically feature these brand’s products in their photos or videos or they can even tell a unique and engaging story about the cause. Even how-to tutorials and honest review being featured on these influencers’ handles can help boost sales for any business.

Example — Mumbai Foodie is a popular food-blogging site/influencer that reviews and shares updates about restaurants and other hyperlocal food-chains. With MumbaiFoodie’s Instagram follower base of 380k+ people, Busago — that has a following of 2288 is able to reach out to a larger audience.

Share User-Generated Content
E-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon promote reviews and ratings of their products and services for a reason. They know the importance of a consumer’s experience of buying a product and how that can help several others in their buying decisions. These reviews form an instant connection between the two parties and help this person make an informed decision. This is a go-to strategy for several brands. Publishing an existing user’s experience and journey affirms a new prospect’s trust in the brand’s product and service quality. It helps to increase customer loyalty for the brand and adds credibility whenever potential customers visit social media profiles.

Example — Max Fashion India has started an Instagram campaign where people can get featured on the brand’s profile if they use the hashtag #behenkuchbhipehen on their images!

Create Valuable Content
In a world, where almost everyone is trying to sell something. Stand out by not pushing for sales. Counter-Intuitive; Right?

Gary Vee in his book ‘Jab, jab, jab, right hook!’ talks about businesses / individuals striking more jabs than hooks. What’s a jab? Jabs are content pieces that drive value to customers without making them pay for it. This helps to build trust and also gets the customer to experience the brand. After a multiple of jabs — one then is qualified to swing in with a right hook? a.k.a asking the customer to buy something from you.

Example — Gary Vaynerchuk lives by this philosophy and the results can be seen in his day-to-day working. Check out Daily Vee

Social Media advertising
Social media is where the attention is. Then, why not use social media ads to get to the target faster. Push that little boost to make a sale or promote a service. You can do ads for product awareness, sending traffic to your website, or to remarket to a bunch of people who once visited your site, anything is possible with the help of social media ads.

Not just online leads, there are ads that can help you get footfall to your brick and mortar stores as well.

Example — The Souled Store is a one-stop shop for anyone to get their fill of TV series and movie merchandise. They use Social media advertising to raise awareness and remarket to the people, who have interacted with their platforms — time and again.

Social media is a great platform to drive sales for your brand. With the use of different social media platforms, you can increase your sales without spending tons of money.

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Learn to create your own social media recipe for an effective brand building.